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{Meet My Chicken} Cassie Danny II

Meet My Chicken: Cassie Danny II

This is Cassie Danny II. She is a Cream Legbar, and lays the most beautiful sky blue eggs ya’ ever did see. Unfortunately, she also delights in trying to hide said eggs from me. She has been known to perform amazing feats of strength and acrobatics in order to escape from her yard and make nests in secret locations. Once, I found 16 eggs hidden in a dense patch of bamboo, another time I found several at the bottom of a 20 gallon bucket that I use for collecting manure, and when I finally succeeded at blocking off all of her escape routes, she started laying on the roof of the coop (a space I thought was completely inaccessible to the hens).

She’s a stinker. She claims the best spot on the roost for herself, tries to eat all of the treats before anyone else can get any, messes with her flock mates while they’re in the nest boxes, chases the younger birds around the yard, and picks at everyone else’s feathers for no apparent reason. She is also the only one who won’t willingly let me handle her. But she lays those darn pretty eggs – one a day, almost every single day (if I can find them), and I must admit I’ve grown rather fond of her, bad attitude and all.


This is a photo of Cass at 16 weeks old, back when she would still let me pick her up…

Egg Color by Breed

And here, one of those beautiful eggs I mentioned (top left). They really are pretty, aren’t they?

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