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Who are the Roots? Well, that’s us in the photo. We’re a family of four – a mama (that’s me, Stacey), daddy (Josh), and two growing boys (Olly, 5 and Jack, 7). We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in a small house with a 5,000 square foot yard (about 1/10th of an acre), that we are working to transform into our own little urban homestead. We raise chickens, have a garden, and love to cook & eat good food (especially the kind we grow ourselves).

Our goal isn’t to become completely self-sufficient, but simply to produce some of our own food and resources in a sustainable way. We’re “learn-as-you-go” types of folks, so I guarantee we’ll make lots of mistakes along the way. We’ll share both our successes and failures here as we continue on our journey to create a home and a life that works for our family.

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