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Potato Harvest

{In the Garden} Early Potato Harvest

Earlier this week, I discovered that the soaker hose for the potato bed had been turned off. Who knows how that could have possibly happened (there are two cute little garden pests at the top of my suspect list, who will, for the time being, remain nameless) or how long the poor potato plants have been suffering […]

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{Recipe} Caramelized Onion, Potato & Rosemary Pizza

{Recipe} Caramelized Onion, Potato, & Rosemary Pizza

The idea to put potatoes on pizza came from one of my favorite local restaurants, La Fiamma. If you’re ever in town, you are required to stop there for dinner. Seriously, it should be a law or something. But, since most of you probably won’t be driving through my town anytime soon, I recommend making a potato pizza […]

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Cassie Danny II

{Meet My Chicken} Cassie Danny II

This is Cassie Danny II. She is a Cream Legbar, and lays the most beautiful sky blue eggs ya’ ever did see. Unfortunately, she also delights in trying to hide said eggs from me. She has been known to perform amazing feats of strength and acrobatics in order to escape from her yard and make nests in secret locations. Once, […]

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Home Sweet Home{stead}

This photo of our house was taken before we moved in. Since then, we have taken out the huge lilac bush (it was badly overgrown and partially rotten) and reclaimed the entire side yard as garden space. Our main veggie garden is in the same place as the original one was, but it’s been completely overhauled. […]

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Fresh Eggs

{Chickens} Fresh Eggs in a Rainbow of Pretty Colors

  Before I started raising my own chickens, I didn’t realize that eggs came in all sorts of pretty colors. I thought your choices were pretty much brown or white. Seeing this egg rainbow in the nest box every morning makes me happy, and I love that I know which hen laid which egg. Incidentally, […]

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